Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Mom lust

I know it's probably because I'm a walking bag of hormonal bitchiness, but if I hear one more woman complain about her mom, I'm going to go ballistic. I mean it - watch out!

OK, I complained (a lot) about my mom when she alive too, but as of yesterday I'm 38 weeks pregnant with my second child, and also make daily attempts to care for an active 20 month old toddler. So, I could use a Mom right about now to:

- rub my head
- make more yummy meals to stock my freezer for us to eat once the baby comes
- take care of William so I can nap when I'm tired
- take my now-too-small-and-too-nice-to-wear-anywhere-that-I'm-going-these-days clothes to some damn consignment store
- fill up the tires on my van since I can't bend over that far without getting massive heartburn
- take me out for a nice meal and talk to me
- spend me to a spa for a massage and pedicure and pay for it
- babysit so I could go to a real theatre and watch a current movie in comfort

A sister or a friend would also do as well - but my 1/2 sister is 1/2 a continent away, and my friends are all too busy with their own families.

For now, though, I'm finding that taking baths and consuming chocolate can come close to fulfilling some of these mom-related needs, or at least while I'm pregnant and can't drink.